It’s a New Year!

Why does it always feel like a fresh start or clean slate, just because the year on the calendar has changed? But nevertheless, it feels like you get a do-over.  You can make those new year’s resolutions, over again, begin that diet, get a new job and more.  You are able to forgive yourself for the failures of last year or rejoice in the glory of the accomplishments of the last year.

So beginning this year for me, I too have big plans!!!! I’ve gotten past foot surgery, biopsies, and health issues.  I’ve been working on new artwork and am making progress in setting up events to attend this year! Yay!

But above all that, I want my relationship with my Lord to be closer than it’s ever been.  We rely so much on Him!  But I want Him to be able to rely on me. To take His message wherever I go.  He is everything!  It’s not an easy task, loving others who are not easy to love, turning the other cheek when you really want to slap theirs. But there is way more to it than that.  It’s about starving the fleshly desires and feeding the spirit. That’s what Jesus did.  When the disciples wanted to know where the should go and get food, Jesus told them that he had food they knew not of.   He was concerned with feeding the spirit, by the Word of God.

So I am believing that this year, my flesh will grow slim, and the Spirit within me will be very well fed!  And the best place to find that food is in His Word.  I want to use whatever He gives me and be the best I can be with it.

I have been working on new designs.  I can’t wait to get these items out to the shows!
I know some of you have seen these already on my facebook. And please don’t notice the coffee cups, lol.  I do love me some coffee!

burned berries

Burned wood fractals and painted leaves and berries.

felted bunnies

Needle felted bunnies


And quilting!!!!

So maybe it looks like I can’t make up my mind what I want to do, but I just love to do everything!  This kind of approach to an art business is not very profitable… but I can’t seem to focus directly.  I love to paint and can make the most impact with that.  But oh the joy of fiber arts!   SO I’m posting these pictures, I hope by the end of this year, my talent will have grown in fiber arts and painting.  I would like to have painting tutorials on here for you in the future for those of you who have asked me about classes!  I will keep you informed!

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