While getting ready for the Pennsylvania Apple n’ Cheese Festival……

I’m really conflicted about the future and how to go about making the important decisions that are necessary.   Yes, my artist friends, I know it’s just a little show, but for me, at this point, it’s a perfect show to do, since I have a 40 hour a week job, not including the drive/lunch break time.   My dilemma is that I need to make some changes soon.  Life changing choices.  I can stay where I am, where there is security, though it keeps me poor, or I can take that big leap of faith!  Just like I did so many years ago.  My heart is with my art.  Do I follow my heart, and take the leap of faith, or do I continue in the monotony of a normal boring life with no future for growth mentally or financially?

There are big risks, not having a steady income.  I know this from the past.  But is fear of failure worth staying where I am?  I think not! I can’t be one of those people that settle because it’s easy or comfortable.  I have to be brave and courageous to achieve the goals God set in my heart long ago!

I need to be back to the shows, where I used to be, but I also need to be teaching my craft, showing others how satisfying it is to create something from the heart.  I need to be more productive with my online sales. I already have a difficult time keeping up with my internet sales.

So keep me in your prayers about my future choices.   God always has a plan and He’s in full control, I just believe that the original plan He had for me, hasn’t changed.  There was just a big speed bump!

I’m praying for opportunities and open doors.  I’m excited at what the future holds!


UPDATE: Apple and cheese went very well thanks to good weather and a new craft!   The woodworking went very well along with my usual stuff.  I will be posting some new pieces very soon!  If you would like to know more about my work or see some photo tutorials, just stay posted and let me know what you would like to see!

Also, please add my blog to your favorites!  It will help me grow and create items that are inspirational to others!



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