A blessed morning with a shepherdess!

I got to take the time this morning to visit with my neighbors at Glenfiddich Farm!  What a special treat!  The England’s raise sheep, specifically for spinning wool.  Kathy showed me her shop where she has many different types of yarns and roving wool and more!  She creates a lot of beautiful things with wool and her knit sweaters were amazing!   When I was on the show circuit, Kathy and company were also at some of the shows I participated in.  Mainly the fine art or fine craft events and the folk craft shows. I feel really blessed to have them as neighbors!  We really live in a beautiful area so Check out their farm and sheep in this video!

And on this trip, I was blessed to be able to purchase beautiful roving wool for my new art, needle felting and felted quilt banners.  I was able to get a lot of natural colors to create animals and much more!  Kathy is very knowledgeable and helpful!  I noted all the great colors and types,  she had bags of fleeces that hadn’t been cleaned or carded yet that were so beautiful!  Her husband takes great care of the sheep, and is a wonderful shepherd!  Kathy had bought several of my art signs in the past and it was cool to also see them on the walls of her house.

Maybe some of you remember when I used to create dolls,  many unique creations from fabric, paint, and fibers?  Some of my regular customers were sad when I stopped making them and went to painting only, Well loved creating all of them, the normal and the crazy moose, giraffes, elephants, porcupines, etc.   and I am really looking forward to trying my hand at it again.  Only this time it will be more refined and detailed.  I will be making them out of mainly all natural fibers and materials.

Also!    Gina M. and Laurie L.  guessed my new craft!    I will have a little something for you in a couple of weeks!    Have a blessed day!


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