Another Hint!

This last week, I have been busily gathering new tools and supplies for my new craft!  So I thought I would take a moment to give you all another hint or two.   One thing I can definitely tell you is it’s not wood!  Someone asked me about this video and guessed that I was going back to woodworking.  In this video, that many of you have already seen, is my husband’s craft.  He is into fine woodworking and wood turning. He’s very talented!  The table top he is making in the video is hemlock being electrocuted with a very high voltage of electricity. He can maneuver the electricity to go in a direction he wants it to, and he can also alter the amount or depth of the burn.   But that is his work! 🙂

So that is one category ruled out!  My art requires very few tools, and most are small.  So a tool that an artist doing the medium I will be working with looks something like this item below! Let me know if you can guess what I am going to be creating!

Colonial Needle Felting Needle Tool

I hope you all are having a blessed Memorial Day weekend and remembering your loved ones that fought for our country!   We all know that freedom is not free.  We spent the afternoon with my husband’s family and visited the cemetery and placed flowers on the graves of family members.  Thanks to Uncle Steve and Louise for all you do!   The flowers were beautiful and the memories we create are even more special!

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