An artist’s revival!

Do you ever feel like there is something new or different that you are supposed to be doing, and you just can’t seem to figure it out?  Being an artist for many years, I have encountered a few “dry spells” so to speak, but not like I have over the past couple of years.  It’s been a bit of a burnout to keep doing the art I have been doing for 20 years.

But through the inspiration of my mom, my sisters, and my husband,  I a moving into something brand new!  My mom is a quilter, my sister Mary is creative on many accounts, and my sister Kristi is an encourager,  My husband, is blunt but honest! LOL, so with all of that, I have found my new creative outlet!

While I have created many signs and painting over the years, I find that it has become monotonous and boring,  When I started with signs, no one was doing them. Technology has become so accessible for people, most don’t have to buy signs, they can make them easily with a font and a printer! So why spend the money at a show?  Yes, most of my designs were unique and detailed but it doesn’t really matter in this day and age.  Simple signs are cheap and easily copied.

This last week, my breakthrough came at me, all in one day!  Things I had prayed for and about, happened all at once!  People came into play last week, ideas popped into my head, and I have totally redesigned my booth with a new vision, last Tuesday morning!   I had prayed for a long time and never seemed to figure it out.

My husband told me that I needed to do something new with my current designs and updating them. He said I needed a fresh new look.  Little did he realize, that was the kick I needed.  Though truthfully I think he was a little afraid since I went a totally new direction!!  However, he gave me a great gift with that comment, and he also purchased some new supplies and everything I needed to get started!

Then I spoke with my mom, she is a great inspiration with her talent.  She was very encouraging!  She sent me some information to get me started as well.  So with family and friends helping me out, next year, you will see what I am working on! It is not common, and some pieces will be very original and unique!  I can’t wait to show you and will keep you all updated so stay tuned!  I will provide little hints as I go along!

Image result for sheep pics

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