A Work in Progress

work in progress

As I looked through the wood scraps at a lumber yard, I am amazed at what the world throws away and thinks useless.  Like this scrap of maple.  My husband took note of the interesting shape of the wood, it’s color and the grain, even though it was very rough. It was destined to be used as a scrap for the fire.

But he could see something in it that the normal eye cannot.  A piece of art.  Even though it was rough and ugly, he could see beyond the exterior.  I said that if he could bring out it’s beauty, I could paint something that would give it a purpose and bring joy to someone who wanted to share it.

So he put this board through a refining process so that I could turn it into a work of art.  He sanded and trimmed, and brought out the unique grain and texture that no one else could see.  It had amazing color when he polished it.  This piece really had to go through a process for it to get to my art studio and receive the gift of art.  So that it could be used in someone’s home to be a blessing to all who enter there.

I the same way, we can see how God works in our lives.  He picks us out of the heap, the pile ready for burning.  He takes us in and he refines us if we are willing.  Many times we go through loss and suffering.  We have our rough edges sanded off and trimmed.  Sometimes we go through this process with difficulty and other times it’s easy. But go through it, we must.    We get polished so that we can be used for the special gifts God wants to place in us.  Just like the art added to this piece.  We find our purpose and then can be used to bring glory to Him!

So truly, we are all a work in progress, brought out of the fire, and given purpose by the Lord!   Alleluia!!

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