The Big Wide Valley

10261694_10152416668675030_598690708_nDo you ever feel like you’ve been on the mountain, enjoying life, everything is great!  And then when you least expect it, you are in a valley, or a low point.  What happened to that great feeling that you hoped would never end?

It’s a lot like being in a well lit room and then walking in a dark closet!  The light was so bright, and then you can’t see your hand in front of your face!

Well life is like that for a lot of us.  But I know he is with us through everything.  His light does shine in the darkness if we seek it.  And that is the key!  To not give up, to not quit, even in what seems like  a darkness that will never end.  Even in the wilderness, the Hebrew children had great times of singing and dancing.  But it was also a time to grow and learn.  They were a small nation compared to those around them.  But God taught them much in the wilderness, to separate themselves from evil, to conquer their circumstances.  But most of all, to have faith and believe in the one who created them. Then they were allowed to enter the promised land.

So when I feel that life is crumbling around me, that things have not gone like the did on the mountain,  I remember God’s grace, his mercy and love. I am learning how to conquer my own selfishness and becoming what God wants me to be.  Then I will be at my best.  And I will not forget him when I get back to the mountain. When things were great, I didn’t pay attention to Him as much as I do in the Valley.  Maybe the Valley isn’t so bad after all!


I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.   Phillipians 4:13.






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