This blog was created so that I could share with everyone, all of the works I have done over the years.  I have been involved in the arts and crafts business for 28 years.  From creating and demonstrating to selling online and doing many art and craft events over the years, it’s been a great life.

I began creating art and different crafts as a child, encouraged by my mom.  She is also very creative and an awesome quilter!  I admire her work!  My sisters are also very talented.   I’ve tried many different mediums like pottery, clay sculpture, sewing skills, painting, and woodworking but my main skills are in painting and fiber arts.  They have allowed me to be able to convey a message with Christian values.

My favorite verse is: Whatsoever you do, do it all for the glory of God from I Corinthians 10:31.  I hope you will take time to subscribe to my blog!  I hope to have tutorials and photos with great messages to encourage and uplift you!

We are blessed to be a blessing so I hope to use my hands and heart to bless you!


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